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Paul Hodge’s HD video is Part 3 of a HD video three-part series chronicling the entire performance of the “Uniao Da Ilha” Samba School at the Rio Carnival 2015 Samba School Parade Competitions in Rio’s Sambadromo. “Uniao Da Ilha” is a samba school in Rio de Janeiro and represents the neighborhood of Ilha do Governador. The school was founded in 1953, and its colors are blue, red and white. Its Drummers’ Queen is Bruna Bruno, the President is Ney Filardi and its Carnavalesco is Alex de Souza. For the 2016 Rio Carnival Samba School Parade Special Group championship, the school is scheduled to be the second school to perform on the Special Group's first day of competitions at 10:05 pm the evening of Sunday, February 7, 2016. The school's 2016 performance theme, “enredo”, is entitled: “Olympic in nature … Everyone is meeting in Rio”. The theme will celebrate the city during the run-up to the 2016 Olympic Games by welcoming, educating, and cautioning those arriving to city while linking their arrival to the descent of the gods from Mount Olympus. For the 2015 Rio Carnival Samba School Competitions, the school’s theme was entitled: “Pure Beauty?” The theme dealt with the concept of beauty and Plato’s words that “Beauty is the spender of truth.” The performance explored topics such as people’s obsessions with beauty, the equating of beautiful with good, ugly and bad, and the suffering people endure for beauty. This HD video is Chapter 64 of in Paul Hodge’s HD video book, “Rio Carnival, A Preview of the 2016 Rio Carnival Samba School Championship Competitions”. Because of Rio’s/Brazil’s current public health challenges, the bad weather forecasts and limited TV coverage, many viewers/subscribers have asked Paul Hodge to publish on YouTube his complete coverage of the 2015 Rio Carnival Competitions so they could have a preview of the 2016 Samba School Championships Competitions. AS A PUBLIC SERVICE, Paul has created and published (AD FREE) on YouTube this unique HD video book: “Rio Carnival, A Preview of the 2016 Rio Carnival Samba School Championship Competitions”. This HD video book includes the entire performances all 25 Rio Samba Schools competing in the 2016 Rio Carnival Samba School Parade Championship Competitions. Rio Carnival 2016 the World’s Greatest Party, will take place in Rio de Janeiro from Friday, February 5th through Wednesday, February 10, 2016. For full coverage of this “world class” celebration, see Paul Hodge’s “Best of Rio Carnival” at and Paul’s YouTube Channel “SoloAroundWorld” at FOR FREE HD video coverage of the hot, beautiful women of Rio Carnival check out Paul Hodge’s “Best of Rio Carnival” at Broadcast throughout the world, Rio’s magnificent Rio Carnival Samba School Parade Championship Competitions of Rio's top twenty-seven (26) samba schools will be the showcase events of the Rio Carnival 2016 celebrations. Over four nights from Friday, February 5 through Monday, February 8, 2016, the Rio’s top samba schools will perform all night into the early morning hours of the following day. What at first glance might just appear to be colorful, music-filled parades, are in actuality ferociously serious competitions involving the best Samba schools in Rio and Brazil, thousands of dancers, singers, musicians, floats and budgets, prize money and endorsements totaling millions of dollars. For the last two nights (Sunday, February 7, 2016 and Monday, February 8, 2016) of the Rio Carnival Samba School Parade Championship Competitions, twelve samba schools (6 each night) in the Special Group will compete in the Rio Carnival 2016 Special Group Samba School Parade Championship Competitions. The winner of these 2016 competitions will be crowned the Rio Carnival 2016 Samba School Champion on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 !! The entire 2014 & 2015 performances of all the Special Group Samba Schools competing in 2016 can be found on Paul's new website “Best of Rio Carnival” at and Paul’s very popular YouTube Channel “SoloAroundWorld” at: Please enjoy and thanks for watching! Paul Hodge, Creator & Producer